Use the Oronsay link below to do revision exercise 6. We haven't covered everything in class so you may need to use your textbook to help you out with some of the later sections.

You could also do the Unit 1 test on this page and see how much you can remember.

Don't forget that Scholar is available to you also.

Reading from textbook- Chapter 15- Read then do applying your knowledge. Complete essay question (5) on here so that I can mark it.

Chapter 16- Read, paying particular attention to how the contraceptive pill works and the hormones involved. Complete the applying your knowledge section IGNORING the essay question!!! You have more than covered this in your Wikispaces pages!!

I will also be completing a powerpoint with notes for you to copy into your jotter. The powerpoint will be posted on the Higher Human BIology GLOW page(it's in the documents section). If you can't get on to this page, please let me know and I can e-mail it to you directly.

02/12/2010 I have added a few links to the GLOW Learn page and since quite a few of you have noticed the quizzes I have put on I'm assuming you know how to use this!

I am hugely impressed with your work ethic, commitment and motivation to the course work and the realisation that this time off must be used productively. Some of you are finding the work as quickly as I put it on the site!

Well done folks, you're doing a great job keeping my blood pressure at normal :-)